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Meet Maryam

Over the span of 30 years, Maryam has continuously manifested her deep intuition and vision, practicing her alchemy as a nutritionist to create organic cuisine and lifestyle brands for the body and soul. As an accomplished designer, she created signature jewelry and beauty brands to celebrate the divine feminine. She now dedicates herself to spiritually nourishing and empowering those seeking soulful guidance and heartfelt love.

As an initiated Medicine Woman with the Native American Church, Maryam blends her intuitive wisdom of plants, herbs, minerals and stones with sacred ceremonies, to address the myriad of personal and spiritual ailments we suffer from in this “modern” world. Hers is a divine feminine fusion of ancient healing powers, indigenous rituals and vibrational resonance that can bring a wayward soul or disheartened spirit back to its grounded center.

​Maryam simply guides us to the activation and integration of the powerful yet dormant energy within us. With that guidance, we heighten our consciousness, to expand our love and compassion for all beings.


It’s time to feel your best – physically recharged, mentally at peace and spiritually bright and blissful.

Ceremonee invites you to embrace a lifestyle of mindful eating, balanced energy and inner discovery that celebrates your essence. 

It all begins with a nutritional plan that helps develop a strong and clear connection to your body. Optimal digestion and detoxification are key elements of this holistic program to restore energy and overall well being.

Discover the benefits of deep breathing to soothe the nervous system, release daily stress, and calm the mind. Learn breathing techniques that help improve concentration, increase lung capacity and stimulate better blood flow.

Experience guided, private and group workshops for emotional release, inner wisdom and inspiration. 

Play a conscious, loving role in your wellbeing and be radiant from the inside out.

Whether seeking optimal health or yearning for inner bliss, Ceremonee’s Offerings provide essentials to help you feel your best.


Discover a highly nutritional, mouthwatering meal plan that treats the senses and eases digestion. ​


Optimize liver, kidney and lymphatic system function through gentle yet deep level herbal cleansing.


Master the art of meal preparation of carefully balanced culinary recipes that delight and promote digestive harmony.


Strengthen your heart and lungs, improve blood flow, release toxins and stress through slow rhythmic breathing.


Restore vitality, balance and clarity through powerful ancient and modern energy healing techniques.


Awaken your innermost being and discover the limitless essence, beauty and power that lie within.


Our 1 Day Ceremonee is an excellent starting point for insight into our energy and breath work. 

Our 3 Day Ceremonee is a condensed yet comprehensive format for deeper conscious, heart based development that includes soul journeying, spirit dancing, vibrational healing, energy work, shamanic drumming, gonging,  singing crystal bowls, third eye cleansing, and ancestral and karmic cleansing, within a sacred and safe healing space. We will work with all the elements of water, fire, earth and air. Wholesome and nourishing vegetarian cuisine is provided daily.

Our 7 Day Ceremonee expands on our 3 Day Ceremonee, to establish the foundation for long-term transformation by relying on our nutritional program and healing modalities. Each 7 Day Ceremonee is customized according to individual needs and objectives, and based on nutritional testing results. In addition to the nutritional, breath and energy work in our 3 Day Ceremonee, you will also experience detoxifying clay baths, enemas, hot saunas, low impact yoga, light hikes, massage, and culinary classes. 

Our Ceremonees are developed for individuals and groups, thus vary by scope and activity. Pricing is provided upon request. 

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