Because good health and healing begins with nutrition, our first step is to build a solid foundation with nutritional planning, testing, cleansing, dieting and the cooking of clean, organic vegan cuisine.

Maryam is committed to sharing her experience and expertise to support you with your nutritional plan. She partners with you through every step, starting with a nutritional assessment and customized plan and cleanse to suit your body type, lifestyle and goals. Because everything we ingest impacts us on a cellular level, you will undergo nutritional testing for a better understanding of your cellular metabolic process. Maryam takes a holistic approach to your dietary needs and health history, and will work closely with you throughout your plan, to achieve optimal health and wellness for you.


Because most disease starts in the bowel, the Ceremonee Cleanse is a preventative system against chronic illness.  The Ceremonee Cleanse is a nourishing and gentle cleanse, made from Ayurvedic and Native American herbs, plants and minerals. It provides an abundance of raw earth and sea based ingredients to eliminate toxic intestinal buildup. When this buildup is removed, your entire body will be more efficient in metabolizing on a cellular level, which in turn, may spur weight loss.

The Ceremonee Cleanse also alkalizes the body with live food based vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, vitamin factors and co-factors.

By drawing toxins out of the bowels and adding critical nutrients, the Ceremonee Cleanse makes fasting more effective. It is imperative that you begin the cleansing process with the elimination of toxicity before taking supplements. This is the ideal way of enhancing immune system functioning, to establish a clean slate for long-term health and longevity.


Prepare exquisite, highly nourishing dishes that excite the senses. We’ll support you with the fundamental knowledge and tools for culinary success. Maryam will be your dedicated nutritional and culinary mentor, to teach and guide you with the following:

• Detailed instructions and preparation for getting started.

• The creation of menus and recipes with key ingredients.

• Equipment utensils and crockery needed.

• Creation of organic, vegetarian or raw food preparations.

• Superfood smoothie recipes.

• Raw juices, kombuchas and elixirs.

• Sprouting and growing young greens and fruit.

• Fermenting and culturing vegetables into krauts.

• Condiments, chutneys, dressings and sauces.

• Salads, dips, speeds and purees.

• Herbal tea preparation.

• Recipe conversion to healthy, organic or raw versions.

• Flavor tasting, balancing and enhancements.

• Simple meal planning for one or two people.

• Menu design for three to fifteen people.

• Global ingredient and food combinations.

• Organic and local, indigenous raw food nutrition.

• Ripening and storing foods to maximize nutrition.

• Fragrance, color, texture, taste and vibration.

• Time management, pacing and sequencing.


Ceremonee Breath Work was developed using ancient breathing techniques that revitalize the mind and body and oxygenate the brain, bloodstream, tissue and vital organs.

There are many positive effects from proper breathing, including increased energy, release of toxins, improved circulation, mental clarity and optimal organ function. 

This is deep and intense work requiring a time and energy commitment with an experienced healer like Maryam.

With proper training, Ceremonee Breath Workcan help you:

  • Experience the proper ways to breathe more efficiently.
  • Raise your vibrational frequency and energy levels.
  • Intensify your breathing to trigger cellular memories.
  • Release traumatic cellular memories and ‘fear frequency’.
  • Bring your mind and body to a tranquil state & release negativity.


For millennia, different cultures across the world have used sacred ceremonies and indigenous rituals for healing.

We continue this tradition by offering Ceremonee Energy Work that integrates ancient and modern healing techniques, including:

  • Visioning, prayer and meditation.
  • Breathing, soul journeying and dreamwork.
  • Shamanic drumming, chanting and dancing.
  • Vibrational healing with gongs, crystal bowls and chimes.
  • Trauma release, ancestral release and karmic cleansing.


Welcome to a life of authentic joy, optimum health and limitless energy.  A life of discovery and a return to a state of mind, body and spirit that is in harmony with all of the gifts and challenges that each day brings.

This is a return to your original self, finding inner peace and living fully, with purpose and trust that all is as it should be.  Begin to see obstacles as opportunities for growth and higher consciousness.  Discover how to transcend barriers that keep you from living the life you’ve always yearned for.  Above all, learn to love yourself, sincerely and unconditionally. Your body will be grateful, your mind clear and peaceful and your spirit bright and limitless. Embrace this life today.

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.” — William Barclay

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